Everything We Know About Married At First Sight 2024

Married At First Sight (MAFS) has been around for 10 seasons, but there's no chance of the reality TV juggernaut slowing down anytime soon as it has returned with Season 11 in 2024.
The dating show's concept can be described as a string of arranged marriages of sorts, where two strangers meet at the altar for the first time and get married in front of their close family and friends.
But the extravagant nuptials are only the beginning of the emotional rollercoaster for the contestants (and for us as viewers). As the couples embark on romantic honeymoons, move in together and meet the other cast members at the dramatic dinner parties, the social experiment truly unfolds to test the theory of whether you can you fall in love after getting married at first sight.
Finally, we've been gifted with details on when MAFS 2024 will be gracing our screens and more importantly, who the bride and grooms will be. Ahead, everything you need to know about Married At First Sight Australia 2024.

When Does MAFS Australia 2024 Start?

Season 11 of Married At First Sight Australia has kicked off Monday, January 29 at 7:30pm over at Channel 9 and 9Now.
The 2024 season has been billed as the "most polarising season of next-level drama", which says a lot given the show's history.

Who Is In The Cast of Married At First Sight Australia 2024?

There will be more diversity amongst the MAFS 2024 cast, with people from various walks of life putting their hands up for the TV experiment.
"Season 11 of Married at First Sight will bring a fresh take on the series with one of the most diverse cast of brides and grooms, a more age diverse mix including our oldest ever participant, and a same sex couple," a statement from Nine said. "Together, these loveable, relatable, everyday couples will bare their souls in the name of love."
We've already been gifted with a sneak peak of who we'll see on the season, which thankfully includes a wider age diversity than previous seasons. These include:
- Andrea, 51
- Tim, 30
- Tristan, 29
- Lucinda, 43
- Eden, 28
- Jonathan, 39
- Natalie, 32
- Cassandra, 30
- Lauren, 31
- Jack, 34
- Richard, 62
- Tori, 27
- Ellie, 32
- Jayden, 26
- Sara, 29
- Collins
- Ben

Who Are The Couples For 2024?

After months of speculating, we finally know who the couples are for Married At First Sight 2024. You can read our updated article here with all the couples — as well as details on whether we think they're still together.

Who Are The Intruders For MAFS 2024?

The Intruders for the 2024 season of MAFS have finally been announced. Here's who will be shaking the show up this season.

Who Are The Experts In 2024?

Photo courtesy of Channel 9
Married At First Sight experts Alessandra Rampolla, Melissa Schilling and John Aiken
Clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, dating & relationship expert Melissa Schilling, and relationship expert John Aiken will all be returning as experts in 2024.
Together, they will pair and match the singles, guide them through their journey, and put them to the ultimate test of developing genuine and long-lasting relationships.

Where Is MAFS Filmed?

In previous years, a warehouse in Sydney's Lilyfield was hired out for the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies, while couples are provided with accommodation at the SKYE Suites in Sydney's CBD.

What Is The Prize?

There's no specific prize as such, apart from being happily married if you decide to stay with your partner at the final commitment ceremony. After all, isn't finding true love the entire point of the show?
"This is not a competition and there is no cash prize up for grabs," reads a statement on Channel 9's official casting for the 2024 season. "Instead, you could walk away with the most valuable prize of all… true love."
Remember to keep checking back here as we continue updating the behind-the-scenes details about the 2024 season of Married At First Sight (MAFS).
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