These Are 2022’s Most Sought After Honeymoon Destinations

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The pandemic hasn't just changed what we want from a wedding. It also appears to have reshaped our honeymoon plans.
According to a new survey by Expedia, more than half (53%) of prospective newlyweds are planning to spend more on their honeymoon than they originally budgeted. An even higher percentage (59%) said they're now considering visiting a bucket list destination, speaking to the fact that travel feels more precious than ever.
More than half of couples who got married during the pandemic said they're weighing up the idea of a "redo-moon" because they aren't satisfied with their original honeymoon trip. Fair enough given that a weekend away within 5km of your home doesn't hit quite the same as a Maldives getaway.
Meanwhile, 83% of couples said they're planning multiple honeymoons; for example, a quick trip straight after the wedding followed by a longer holiday at a later date. Expedia calls this double whammy a "duo-moon". And even though we can technically travel on a whim again, we're all for milking the festivities.
The survey also revealed that the UK is currently the most sought-after honeymoon destination, with multi-city trips exploring the country by train proving especially popular. While this surprises us, given that it's not always known for its romantic appeal, its central location makes it perfect for short trips all across Europe.
A little further down on the map is Dubai, which took the place as the second most sought-after honeymoon spot, followed (unsurprisingly) by the city that's always been synonymous with romance: Paris.
Check out the ten most sought-after honeymoon destinations below, with some brief insights into the trips that newlyweds are planning in each one.
1. United Kingdom: A multi-city itinerary exploring Scotland and England by train
2. Dubai: Straddle the line of beach and big city luxury
3. Paris: Honeymoon in the most romantic place in the world
4. Florida: A Florida honeymoon two ways in Palm Beach or Surfside, Miami
5. Los Angeles: How to enjoy La La Land as newlyweds
6. Spain: A fairytale honeymoon through Madrid and Seville
7. Italy: La dolce vita in Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast
8. St. Lucia: The clear waters, lush rainforests and Pitons are calling
9. Iceland: Choose your own adventure exploring Iceland
10. Maldives: Check private island living off the bucket list
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