Why There Are Fears That The Block Houses Might Not Actually Sell At The Auctions

After three months of solid renovations, the teams on The Block: Tree Change will truly face the music at the grand finale auctions on Sunday, November 6.
This year's version of the popular reality TV show focuses on five properties in Gisborne South in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, 40 minutes from Melbourne. The winner of The Block receives $100,000 in prize money, along with whatever profit the couples' homes make on auction day.
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However, despite the country-luxe feel and spaciousness of the 500-square metre homesteads, there are fears the houses will yield measly returns or even worse, struggle to sell altogether.
In the current market with high inflationary pressures and rising interest rates, many buyers are hesitating to spend large. And with the whopping price guides of $4 million to $4.4 million for these properties, Woman's Day magazine reports that there's a sense of uncertainty as to whether as competitive a bidding war will erupt on Sunday night as previous seasons of The Block have historically witnessed.
Across the pond, the winners of the 2022 season of The Block New Zealand, Chloe Hes and Ben Speedy, only made a profit of $4000 NZD ($3046 AUD) after their house sold for $1.145 million, only $4k above their reserve amount of $1.141 million. Maree and James Steele, who came behind in second place, only made $100 NZD ($76 AUD) after their home sold.
"We would be upset to walk away with nothing. The auction is the pinnacle of The Block," Aussie contestant Rachel told the publication ahead of the finale.
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The Block: Tree Change contestant Rachel
Earlier this month one of the show's key foremen, Keith Schleiger  suggested contestants Sharon and Ankur's house may not even sell at the auction.
"Ankur and Sharon, their house is as bad as it gets," he said in a recent episode when noticing the couple were struggling to finish their renovations on time.
"I've told Ankur yesterday to start working on it because you're running out of time. Hopefully he does, otherwise I don't think that house will sell."
Host Scott Cam recently said he was unsure if one of the teams would finish before auction day, telling TV Week magazine: "I reckon there's at least one team, maybe two, who won't finish.
"As I've always said, I only need one team to finish to prove that it was possible to do and at least one team will finish, so I'm off the hook, but with the others, it's a matter of being realistic about what they can afford and what they can achieve."
Last night Sharon and Ankur landed in more strife when one of their tradesmen, Scotty, decided to quit on the final day of renovations.
"It's our last day on the show, we have so much work to do, and you've gone at 4.30pm. It's the last day of The Block, mate!" said a frustrated Ankur.
With the clock ticking, tonight's episode features the final room reveals which will confirm whether all of the teams managed to finish their renos in time. The five pairs on The Block in 2022 are Sarah-Jane and Tom, Dylan and Jenny, Sharon and Ankur, Omar and Oz, and Rachel and Ryan, who replaced Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull.
The Block: Tree Change continues at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.
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