Everything We Know About The Block: Tree Change Finale

After working hard for 12 weeks on their 500-square metre homesteads, The Block: Tree Change contestants and their renovated properties will go under the hammer in a nail-biting auction finale episode.
This year the Channel Nine reality TV show has shifted its focus from the city to the country, with filming taking place in Gisborne South in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, 40 minutes from Melbourne.
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The cast have had their work cut out for them, with host Scott Cam saying "this is by far the toughest season that I’ve ever worked on."
"We upped the ante with the biggest blocks ever, and very harsh country weather conditions," the 59-year-old said in an official media statement.
"To their credit, our Blockheads have produced some stunning five-bedroom houses on 10 acres each — they’ve really built the country dream for five lucky Aussie families. Anything can happen on auction day, but we’re gunning for them to each take home some money. They all deserve it after this year’s slog."

When is the The Block finale?

The Block: Tree Change finale will air on Sunday, November 6 at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

What is the finale prize?

The winning team on The Block: Tree Change will take home a $100,000 cash prize on top of whatever profit their home makes above reserve on auction day.

How does the finale work?

Each team's renovated property will be up for auction, and proceedings will begin with the auction order and reserve prices being revealed at the start of the episode. Tom and Sarah Jane have won six room reveals throughout this season, meaning they've earned the right to decide the auction order.
There's also been speculation that one or even more teams may not actually finish their renovations by the end of the season which will make for very interesting auction results.
"I reckon there's at least one team, maybe two, who won't finish," host Scott Cam recently told TV Week magazine.
"As I've always said, I only need one team to finish to prove that it was possible to do and at least one team will finish, so I'm off the hook, but with the others, it's a matter of being realistic about what they can afford and what they can achieve."

Who wins The Block: Tree Change?

The five pairs on The Block in 2022 are Sarah-Jane and Tom, Dylan and Jenny, Sharon and Ankur, Omar and Oz, and Rachel and Ryan, who replaced Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull. Of course, the biggest question on our minds is: who wins The Block?
Given the auctions haven't been filmed yet, there's no sure way to confirm who will actually win. However, some of the teams have received rather impressive scores from the judges, and bookies have already shared bets on who could take out the winning title.
Betting agency Sportsbet has reported that the odds are in Tom and Sarah-Jane's favour to win The Block this year at $2.50. They came onto the show with some trade experience and the strategy to divide and conquer the workload. Tom is a plumber and said prior to the show that he "could work 24 hours a day", while social worker Sarah-Jane said she would focus on being the stylist and shopper throughout the build.
They're closely followed by Rachel and Ryan at $3.25, and Dylan and Jenny are not too far behind at $4.00. The Queenslanders have some solid experience under their belt. Dylan, 28, is a builder and 25-year-old Jenny is an apprentice chippy.
Omar and Osman are out to $6.50 while Sharon and Ankur sit at $11.
The Block: Tree Change finale airs on Sunday, November 6 at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.
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