Upside-Down Bikinis Are Trending — Here Are 16 Styles To Get You Started

Today’s trends are anything but straightforward, with belly chains, sporty gym shorts, and upside-down bikinis all making waves. Ensuring that your wardrobe is up to date can often mean searching for shoppable items in a sea of puzzling options. Where does one actually buy a belly chain? What differentiates regular gym shorts from fashionable gym shorts? Is shopping for an upside-down bikini as difficult as wearing one? Our new column Sourced answers all your market-related questions, as well as offer you an endless source of styles that will make snagging today’s top trends easy, so you can spend your precious time learning about the next wave of trends. 
If you’ve been seeing flossy, string bikinis tied upside-down, sideways, and crisscrossed all over TikTok and Instagram, you’re not alone. They’re everywhere — on the likes of reality TV stars (see: Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian), runway models (Kendall Jenner), and your favorite swimsuit websites (Frankies Bikinis, Riot, and Sommer Swim). And when a swimsuit trend becomes as inescapable as this one, especially right at the beginning of summer, it’s natural to want to try it IRL. Warning: This trend isn’t safe for the water
For those undeterred by a swimsuit hack made only for dry land or a leisurely swim in the pool, you really only need an adjustable string bikini top. From there, flip your suit upside down and tie the chest straps around your neck, and the neck straps around your chest. Adjust accordingly. Take it a step further by crisscrossing the straps that go around your neck before tying them in the back, or even further, by making the top strapless. For the latter, take the crisscrossed straps from the last step, loop them around your chest (under your arms), and tie them in the back. Goodbye pesky tan lines, hello Instagram fame.
If you’ve been circulating between bandeaus and undercup bikinis for the last few years like many of us have, it’s unlikely that you have a standard string bikini top lying around. Because of that, we rounded up 16 styles that are perfect to get in on the upside-down bikini trend, ahead.
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