8 Reasons Why You Should Be Sleeping Naked

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There are a lot of obvious pros to sleeping naked — beginning with saving money on pajamas. If you love sleeping naked, you’re not alone: one 2018 survey found that 58% of Americans sleep in the nude. That number is even higher for millennials, almost 65% of whom ditch their PJs to sleep naked. The most popular reasons sleepers gave for going naked were matters of preference: 69% said they were more comfortable naked, 58.2% said they were more relaxed naked, and 54.5% said they simply slept better naked.
But along with matters of preference, there are also a few real, science-backed reasons why sleeping au naturel may be better for you — particularly if you share a bed with a romantic partner. So if you’re on the fence about KonMari-ing your nighties, let these reasons convince you to give sleeping naked a try:

Sleeping Naked Could Help You Sleep Better

According to the Sleep Help Institute, sleeping naked helps regulate your body temperature. Body temperature has a lot to do with how quickly you fall asleep, as well as how deeply you sleep. Sleeping too hot can throw off your Circadian rhythm and reduce your melatonin production (the hormone that regulates your sleep. And as anyone who’s ever gotten a bad night of sleep knows, missing out on sleep can affect your energy, mood, appetite, and focus.

Sleeping Naked Could Be Good For Your Skin

Dermatologists previously told Refinery29 that sleeping naked can help your skin stay moisturized, hydrated, and supple — particularly if you add a humidifier.

Sleeping Naked Could Be Good For Your Vagina

Though not all gynecologists agree, some have suggested that sleeping naked could help reduce the risk of yeast infections. We know that wearing tight-fitting undies made from non-breathable materials do increase the risk of yeast infections. Going naked might not have a benefit over wearing cotton undies, but it won’t hurt — and it’s definitely preferable to sleeping in spandex.

Sleeping Naked Could Be Good For Your Sperm

Sleeping naked isn’t just a good idea for people with vaginas — one 2016 study found that cis men who went commando or wore boxers to bed had slightly higher sperm production than cis men who slept in briefs.

Sleeping Naked Could Be Good For Your Relationship

One 2014 survey found that 58% of people who slept naked said they were happy in their relationship, compared to 48% of people who slept in pajamas, 43% who slept in nightgowns, and 38% of people who slept in onesies. This might be a correlation-not-causation thing (meaning you might be more likely to sleep nude if you’re already in a happy relationship), but hey, worth a shot.

Sleeping Naked With A Partner Could Help Reduce Stress

Sleep researcher Dr. Kerstin Moberg has found that sleeping naked with a romantic partner can increase oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress and anxiety. However, this only works if you actually like the person you're sleeping next to!

Sleeping Naked Could Improve Your Body Image And Make You Happier

One 2017 study found that simply spending more time naked had a positive effect on body image, self-esteem, and even “life satisfaction.” And hey, there's no easier way to spend a lot of time naked than to sleep naked!

Sleeping Naked Can Make You Feel Better When You Wake Up

To reiterate: Sleeping naked helps regulate body temperature, which can help you sleep more deeply. Generally, if we sleep deeply for at least part of the night, we'll feel better in the morning. One of the deepest states of shuteye is scientifically referred to as REM, according to Harvard's Healthy Sleep Glossary. This kind of sleep helps us wake up feeling more refreshed, and is crucial for physical renewal and growth, according to the Harvard Business Review.

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