16 Tips For Sharing A Bed With A Partner

Illustrated by: Aimee Sy.
Sharing a bed with someone can have its pros and cons.
Pros: having someone to cuddle with, possibly achieving that elusive thing called intimacy.
Cons: sweating from the extra body heat next to you, being subject to foghorn-like snores, dealing with a blanket- or bed-hogger, listening to someone hit "snooze" on an iPhone alarm 20 times before getting up.
It's no coincidence that the "cons" list is a little longer: As much as we may love our partners, sharing a bed isn't always easy. It can involve a lot of compromise, often at the expense of much-needed sleep. Unless you're the heavier sleeper, you're bound to encounter an initially adorable sleeping quirk of your partner's that eventually begins to grate. Apart from getting separate beds or transferring yourself (or your partner) to the couch for the night, though, what can you actually do to share a bed and still get the sleep you need?
Ahead, 16 people tell us their genius tips for dealing with snorers and over-enthusiastic spooners. If you struggle with sharing a bed with someone else, take note — and leave us a comment with your own tips.

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