13 Soothing Netflix Shows That Will Put You Right To Sleep

We're all tethered to insane schedules. Come nighttime, though, we're supposed to automatically detach from the pace of these wild lives and enjoy the reprieve of eight (or, more realistically, six) hours of sleep. Sleep is wonderful —if you can get there, that is.
For most of us, traveling to sleep-land isn't as easy as shutting our eyes and having our brains shut off, too. It takes a deliberate unwinding. Everyone has his or her own trick for falling asleep. Some listen to talk radio or podcasts; others read books until they can't keep their eyes open. Those of us who walk on the wild side, though, brave the bright light of a laptop and watch shows until we eventually doze off.
The key to most pre-sleep effective shows is a kind of friendly, kind-hearted blandness. That means no jump scares, no sinister undertones, no gripping plot to keep you awake. These are the most soothing shows on Netflix. Cue them up and drift off.

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