Sit Back & Indulge In These Netflix Guilty Pleasures

Each afternoon in high school, I'd come home, plop into my La-Z-Boy, and watch whatever was on TLC at that hour — and I mean whatever. I watched 19 Kids and Counting back when the Duggars had 17 kids; I recorded hour-long specials about virgins getting married; I knew all the experts' preferences in Say Yes to the Dress. Watching TLC felt like wading into a pool of M&Ms. I knew it wasn't necessarily "good" for me, but I also knew it wouldn't hurt.
Were these shows, by definition, "guilty pleasures?" Maybe — but I propose we eliminate the word "guilty" altogether. Why should we feel bad for watching shows that are frothy, light, and inconsequential? Why not watch shows that don't necessarily "lead" anywhere, but make us savor the moment? They're dessert in TV and movie form. Instead of "guilty pleasures," let's just call them pleasures.
There's nothing wrong with enjoying your life, my friends. No one's monitoring your Netflix queue with a judgmental eye. Watch what you want. And these Netflix selections are the ultimate reset. They'll take your mind off of the world — which, given how things are going, might just be a necessity. Here are our favorite Netflix pleasures.

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