15 Skorts That Will Change Your Mind About The Skirt-Short Hybrid

Skorts. How many puns can you say referring to one garment? Party in the front, business in the back; the best of both worlds; “Look, it’s actually shorts! *strikes a pose*. But long story short, skorts are just as versatile as all their many puns.
Now before you have flashbacks of the envelop-fold skorts every blogger seemed to own around 2012 – 2014, allow us to present you with the skort 2.0. Because compared to its past iterations, these shorts-and-skirt combinations now opt for more incognito silhouettes that prove to be indispensable while trying to solve summer layering without actual layers; quite the magic trick. Plus, with the comfort of shorts and usually the appearance of a wrap skirts — whether loose or fitted — skorts allow you to try that miniskirt and bike short trend together before venturing out and trying them separately.
So, if you’ve been eyeing that Sandy Liang skort that has been all over Instagram (1,2,3), or if you just like layering without the hassle, here's 15 skorts will change your mind about two-in-one dressing.

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