Dress Layering Is Your New Spring Style Hack

Photographed by Jordan Tiberio.
We're living in a time where, style-wise, more is more. Thanks to pioneers of piling-it-on like Comme Des Garçons, and the newer guard of layering fanatics like Balenciaga, fashion has decided that the more clothing you’re wearing, the better, the cooler, and the more relevant you look.
With temperatures rising in New York fast, it may seem counterintuitive to want to layer our way through spring and summer. But layering doesn't always mean oversized and bulky. And there is a fun way to take the more-is-more approach while still giving your thighs enough ventilation — one that involves wearing two dresses at once.
Before images of sweating through your clothes come to mind, it's important to note that this particular concept is more for visual interest than warmth. Layering dresses is all about mixing silhouettes, colors, patterns, and textures and is meant to highlight the versatility of your pieces, as well as your own creative potential. And it’s as easy as taking a scan through your closet and experimenting until you find the combinations that work (hint: most pairings do).
Don't know where to start? We've got you covered.

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