Layering 101: The Essentials You Need To Bundle Up

Layering can either go very right, or very, very wrong. It's actually impressive what a fine line it is to walk — some pairings work wonders (with a lot of "Why didn't I think of that?" compliments), while others just look plain bulky. But, it all comes down to the pieces you're working with. Your layering essentials should be versatile enough to be worn at least three ways; warm without excess bulk; and of course, on-trend, too. It's never a great idea to wear a layer that's scuzzy, wrinkled, dull, and old in the hopes that it'll just stay covered up all day long — because come 4 p.m., you're likely going to want to peel off a few layers. That means, each part of your outfit should be as on-point and polished as the next.
To make sure you've got the right layers on-hand, we've rounded up our favorites ahead — and yes, you do need both a cashmere turtleneck and a sheer one. You never know what you'll want to wear together next, but with these 15 basics, you're ready for even the weirdest (and most fabulous) outfit combinations. Click on to stock up.

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