This Surprisingly Affordable Necklace Delivers On The Dream Pretty Woman Moment

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Ask a cinephile to identify the best part in Pretty Woman and they’ll likely hesitate between Vivian Ward's victory strut into a Rodeo Drive boutique ("Big mistake. Big. Huge!") and her charming homage to Prince during the walkman-in-the-bathtub scene. But flip the question over to an accessories fiend like myself and you'll get the consistent response, delivered with conviction, that the most unforgettable part happens with the introduction of a Fred Joaillier ruby-and-diamond sparkler — an item with such dazzling personality, it could be considered its very own character.
The problem with this film genre is that it exists only in a utopian Hollywood vortex of great romance, even greater hair, and happy endings. It's a universe in which chivalrous men in suits actually go around offering ("quarter-of-a-million" dollar) jewels on loan for an evening at the opera. This brief, yet sparkly five-second interval of Pretty Woman completely sets my heart aflutter, only to leave me drifting slowly back to reality as the closing credits begin to role, my neck noticeably bare and my outlook on life pragmatic once again. Except that now we live in the world with Amazon, which means anything is possible and affordable — even your very own, over-the-top Vivian Ward moment. No man required, just internet access and a shipping address.
I know this from experience after being tasked with finding this very necklace for my aunt, who decided she was going all-out rom-com for her son's wedding with just seven days to go until the big event. Considering the fact that Vivian's famous bling was made with 23 pear-cut rubies (!) at the centers of diamond-encrusted hearts (!!) all set in 18k white gold (!!!), this was no easy feat on my part, especially on a budget. But leaning all the way into my role as bridesmaid, I was determined to come up with a suitable alternative and went to the same place where I always go when in need of something in a pinch: Amazon. And there, among its plethora of hidden gems, was a replica of the necklace fit for a real star (my aunt and Julia Roberts included). Even though its stones are synthetic, the necklace has glitzy appeal without being gaudy along with over 40 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars — all things that had me adding it to my cart immediately.
So the only thing it seems Amazon can't do is deliver Vivian her knight on a white horse. Whether you're the mother of the groom, a wedding guest, or simply a big fan of Julia Roberts (aren't we all?), shop the necklace in a range of color options that'll have you channeling your inner Pretty Woman without the six-digit price tag (just ask my aunt!).
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