This Season, Powder Blue Is The Warmest Color

Design by Meg O'Donnell.
Thanks to the denim-obsessed '90s and '00s, blue is on the brink of becoming a neutral, joining the ranks of black, white, beige, gray, and — we can't believe we're saying this — even millennial pink. Blue is calming, cool, and serene; and though the industry's obsession with the color runs deep — in the mid-20th century, French artist Yves Klein mixed a hue called International Klein Blue (also known as IKB or YKB), which he had patented in 1960 — its presence and influence on designer collections is ever-evolving (IKB was most recently referenced by Céline's spring 2017 collection).
But the blue enchanting the runways this season is different: it's a dustier, softer shade that was seen everywhere from Off-White's Princess Di-inspired offering to Richard Malone’s almost entirely blue collection. This powdered blue adds just the right of pop to an outfit without turning away those who prefer to stick to an all-black wardrobe — it's versatile enough to team with other pastel hues, go head-to-toe with pieces of the exact same shade, or wear as the lone piece of color in a jeans-and-white-sneakers outfit. The only question is: How are you going to wear it?

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