15 Off-The-Shoulder Dresses That Have Me Reconsidering The Trend

Recently, if anyone asks me what trend I just can't stand, my response is 'anything off-the-shoulder.' Some styles come and go; some overstay their welcome. And in my opinion, we've hit peak saturation with the off-the-shoulder neckline. I've just had enough.
However, if we must keep riding the off-shoulder wave — and it seems like we will be, with the look is sticking around through summer — allow me to suggest a few dresses that I actually quite like. These are off the shoulder in the less traditional sense — whether they feature a unique structure, voluminous sleeves, dramatic vintage vibes, or a relaxed slouch — as opposed to the typical straight-across neckline.
So if you are going to continue to embrace the off-the-shoulder trend, we suggest shopping one of the variations ahead. Just no elastic bands, please!

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