32 Sundresses That Are Begging Spring To Come

Pack up those pants, ladies, because leg bare-ing season will soon be upon us. Sundress shopping time is like Christmas all over again (minus the cold), with a never ending array of colors, patterns, and silhouettes to choose from. Sure, we can spot out a few trending styles (specifically those ubiquitous puff sleeve, button-up, linen frocks), but the best part about dresses is that they're a prime way to put your personal style forward. And throw-on-and-go? We're pretty sure that term originated from sundresses; no extra styling needed here.
If you're ready to scream spring, or just scream from being cooped up in a parka too long, forge on ahead. These 31 frocks are sure to get your soon-to-be sandaled feet knocking and your pretty little basket bags calling.

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