34 Engagement Rings That Will Earn You A "Yes"

The actual idea of a "proposal season" is pretty antiquated. In our opinion, any time you want to pop the question is as good as any. But similar to the idea that the timing of your proposal should weigh upon your personal relationship, so should the ring. And we're finally breaking away from the idea that a big, bold, and bright diamond is the only way to go.
Engagement rings have never been more diverse than they are now. From black diamonds and opals to unique settings and swapping out a large rock for a more minimalist band, the engagement ring market is ripe with alternative options as individual as the ring wearers themselves.
So if you are thinking about popping the question this week, this month, or this year (or if you're just browsing around for the future), we've rounded up 30+ rings that will earn you a guaranteed "Yes!"