It's Time To Finally Break-Up With Your Flip-Flops

There comes a point in our style evolution where we realize it’s time to put the flip-flops behind us. Not for forever, of course. We’ll still be packing a pair when we’re headed towards sandy beach pastures or slipping them on when taking out our trash on a weeknight. But relying on flip-flops as an everyday shoe? It’s time to let that ship sail. Our feet, and the rest of our carefully crafted outfits, deserve a more grown-up sandal choice.
Ditching flip-flops doesn't mean giving up their comfortable and easy attributes. We'd argue that going the route of a more sophisticated slide eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of a rubber divider between your toes and the infamous slapping sound made while walking. A leather slide is all comfort, no toe-dividers, easy as pie to slip on, and is still dressy enough to get you into a sit down lunch without so much as a side-eye from the maître d'.
This new summer staple is a style chameleon from pairing well with your wide-leg denim to acting as the perfect partner to all of your breezy Ganni skirts. Take a spin at the 21 leather slides ahead.

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