31 Perfect Looks To Copy This July

As much as we hate to let the weather dictate what we wear, there comes a point each year when we have to succumb to what's happening outside and, well, just deal with it. And that moment may be right now. With temperatures nearing the 100s and humidity levels that leave you feeling like you just took a shower, getting dressed in the morning becomes less about style and more about survival. But it is possible to make an outfit that does both?
While we may not have cracked the code just yet, we have unfurled a few hacks — stick to breezy dresses, try a bathing suit as a top — that (in our opinion) make summer dressing slightly more bearable. Ahead, you'll find 31 looks that make warm hot weather style look easy, even when it feels like it's too hot to wear anything. Because if it's 100 degrees outside, your outfit deserves to be a 100 too.

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