What To Wear When It's Too Hot To Wear Anything

You know those hot, humid days when you open the door to leave your apartment and feel like you've walked into a city-sized steam room? When that happens, it's basically impossible not to immediately regret any piece of clothing I've decided to wear. If the chances of becoming the next viral video star were lower, I would just rip off my clothes and continue on my way in the nude.
Unfortunately, that scenario is just begging to go viral, so it really isn't an option. And equally as unfortunate, the personal AC unit that I tote around (a.k.a. my trusty misting fan) doesn't cut it on sweltering days, either. So, the only viable solution is to be strategic with the clothing choices I make on the hottest days of the year. In an effort to feel a little cooler, I've hunted and gathered the most functional clothing for hellishly warm weather. While it may not be ideal to wear clothes at all, the 10 picks ahead are definitely the next best thing.

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