6 Sneaker Colors You're About To See Everywhere

Once upon a time, shoe color options were limited. Our feet were enrobed in a safe black or brown, and for most, choosing a colorful shoe felt impractical. But as sneaker silhouettes get chunkier, the colors get wilder, and we feel increasingly more excited to lace up something bold and bright. Now, new colorways for popular sneaker designs are released constantly and, before you know it, you own Nike Air Maxes in five different hues. Nobody's judging, though. That's one of the great things about the endless array of options available: You can find a style you love, buy it in multiple colors, and skip the whole dealing-with-drops things.
You'd be surprised by how many outfits can be built around shoes in colors like "toothpaste green" or "rosy pink." The first step is dressing without fear. The second is digging through countless sneaker styles for the colors that are about to be big. Luckily, we've done all of the legwork for you. Ahead, find six sneaker color trends you're about to run into everywhere.
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Photo Courtesy of Acne Studios.
Toothpaste Green
Previously referred to as 'mint green,' we renamed it because these shoes will have your feet feeling extra fresh.
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Photo Courtesy of Stella McCartney.
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Photo Courtesy of Adidas.
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Photo Courtesy of Reebok.
Blue & Orange! Go Team Go!
Probably reminiscent of some kind of sporting team you're a fan of, blue and orange is a color combination we're ready to embrace (no hand-eye coordination needed).
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Photo Courtesy of Nike.
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Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom.
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Photo Courtesy of Joshua Sanders.
Shiny Holographic
Our favorite kind of metallic is one that resembles aluminum foil in the best way possible.
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Photo Courtesy of ASOS.
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Photo Courtesy of Ash.
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Photo Courtesy of Ganni.
Work Boot Beige
Timberlands, but make it sneakers. A good tan sneaker will take you a long way and isn't as risk-averse as you might think.
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Photo Courtesy of Sketchers.
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Photo Courtesy of Koio.
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Photo Courtesy of Gucci.
Rosy Pink
The next iteration of millennial pink is a more sophisticated take on the color. Plus, it's way easier to match.
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Photo Courtesy of Fila.
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Photo Courtesy of New Balance.
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Kaleidoscope Colors
Why settle for one or two hues when you can have a dozen? Mixed together in an oh-so-strategic way, these rainbow-colored sneakers aren't for the faint of heart.
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Photo Courtesy of Neiman Marcus.
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Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

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