8 Brands Making It Easy To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

As we hold the fashion industry more accountable towards improving its sustainability practices, we also need to hold ourselves responsible for making more ethically conscious shopping decisions. Introducing: Shop It Forwardour new bi-weekly column that highlights the brands and retailers making an active difference in the world through charitable initiatives, because it's time to start shopping smart.
Like it or not, this year is flying by. Fashion Month is almost through and before you know it, it’ll be October. And while the tenth month is mostly known for its holidays — Indigenous Peoples Day and, obviously, Halloween — there’s something special about October that has absolutely nothing to do with trick-or-treating or getting a day off of work. Breast Cancer Awareness Month starts October 1, and in the ten days preceding its start, there's plenty we can do to help.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month is more than just wearing pink bows and buying a special chocolate bar from the check-out line (but, do those things too!). As the second most common form of cancer found in women, it’s essential that everyone — close to the disease or not — be aware of the effect that breast cancer has on the female population, and the ways we can help. In the last few years, we’ve seen a handful of brands take a step in the right direction by organizing events, designing collections, donating funds, and sharing vital information with their loyal customers. To celebrate those that have contributed to this movement, we’re spotlighting eight businesses making breast cancer awareness a priority ahead.

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