The $8 Eyeliner People Keep Stealing Out Of Our Beauty Closet

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
It's not every day our fashion and beauty teams fight over a mailing of 14 drugstore eyeliners. Tom Ford lipsticks? Sure. A collection of new NARS foundations? Of course. But a multi-colored set of crayons that cost less than a movie ticket? Unlikely.
The liners are from C'est Moi — and if you've never heard of that brand before, remember the name because it will be everywhere soon. It just hit Target with a selection of makeup unlike anything else I've seen at the drugstore. The brightly-colored blushes, lipsticks, and palettes are housed in clean, white packaging perfect for an Instagram flat lay. (No surprise that the brand had Gen Z and millennial consumers in mind.) But it's the 14-piece eyeshadow crayons — ranging from matte white to tangerine, baby blue, pale yellow, and lilac — that really had our office buzzing.
These colors may not seem like the easiest to pull off, but after a few days of testing, they've quickly become the go-to items in many of our editor's makeup bags. Why? Because despite the bold shades, they're ridiculously easy to work with. Keep scrolling to see the crayons in action, ahead.