What Your Birthstone Says About YOU

You can tell a lot about a person by what jewelry they wear — are they a minimalist who prefers the finer things in life? A total brand-conscious believer of tradition and status symbols? Or are the kind of person who only loves the kind of things that other people don't? Think about it: You can totally suss out these conclusions based on someone's rings or what necklace they're wearing.

And if you compound that with knowledge about what month their birthday falls in, you can basically call yourself Susan Miller. After all, birthstones are heaped with meaning (whether or not you choose to believe in them). If you want to wear your traits loud and proud, sporting your birthstone is one way to do it. Click on to see our pick for your birth month and get a glimpse of what your birthstone says about you.

What Your Birthstone Really Means
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