7 Sex Toys That (Almost) Feel Like Having Oral Sex

There are sex toys out there to either mimic or enhance just about any sexual situation. You want bondage toys? No problem. Missing penetrative sex, but don't have a partner? You're covered. Want a vibrator that you can discretely pack into your suitcase? You got it. Want a dildo shaped like a fish penis? Yep, that exists, too.
But, until recently, the sex toy industry has had a hard time designing toys that even kind-of imitate oral sex (at least for people who have vulvas). And it makes sense. When a partner goes down on you, they're able to control their tongue movements and go faster, slower, or in different patterns. And, their tongue is generally both wet and warm. That's not a sensation that's easy to fake.
Yet, many companies try. And thanks to ever-evolving technology, they're getting way better at it. We won't promise that any of the following toys will feel exactly like oral sex. But they do a pretty damn good job of mimicking the feeling. And whether or not it truly feels like there's a mouth on your naughty bits, there's a good chance these sex toys will still get you off.

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