Lauren Conrad Just Revived L.A.'s Cream-Soda Blonde Trend For Summer

Photo: Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images.
Lauren Conrad is not the same person we first met on Laguna Beach in 2004. Since the MTV reality show ended, Conrad launched her own fashion line for Kohl's, got married, became a mother, and started her own podcast. Of course, in addition to keeping up with Conrad's career ventures over the last decade, we've also paid close attention to her drastic hair changes — including the cream-soda blonde highlights the designer debuted today.
Conrad showed off the new hair color on the Instagram feed of her longtime hairstylist Kristin Ess, who posted the video after challenging her client and friend — who's also pregnant with her second child — to a hair-curling competition while celebrating her new podcast Asking For A Friend.
Conrad may not appear to be the kind of celebrity who suffers from hair fatigue, but her hair evolution would prove otherwise. In 2014, she spontaneously dyed her hair pastel purple, only to chop it all off for a sci-fi bob a few months later. Fast forward two years, and Conrad experimented with a copper-red hair color before going full platinum blonde.
After cutting her hair again into an even shorter bob in 2017, Conrad settled into one of the biggest trends of the season: boho blonde with smudged brunette roots, which she wore until changing it up with this bright, summery shade. Conrad may be the girl who didn't go to Paris, but she's also the only woman who can single-handedly revive the most popular hair-color trend to ever come out of L.A.

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