Will MTV Re-Create Laguna Beach Magic With Siesta Key?

Photo: Courtesy MTV.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have our new Laguna Beach/Hills-level obsession. Or, so MTV hopes, at least. The trailer for Siesta Key just premiered, and on the surface, the show, from the producers of said MTV classics, certainly looks like it's trying to re-create the magic that was LC, KCav, and Speidi.
"This new docuseries follows a group of young adults confronting issues of love, heartbreak, betrayal, class, and looming adulthood as they spend the summer together in their beautiful hometown," reads the show description.
"Summer in Siesta Key is like no other, trust me,"says one girl in the trailer (Chloe, maybe?). The bio on describes Chloe as "most likely to be your best friend, and your worst enemy," so she sounds fun.
Siesta Key is a resort town in Central Florida that Dr. Beach named the best beach in America this year. But it is no Southern California, and summer in that area is nothing like spring break there — it's far too hot for the tourists. That might make the atmosphere ripe for small-town drama amid the cast.
"This summer anything can happen," Juliette says. Her bio talks about last year's fling with Alex. Both just graduated from college, and it looks like the "anything" to which she refers includes a lot of jumping into various bodies of water, drinking in bikinis, and hooking up with each other again.
Oh, but of course, there may be a love triangle in this probably-not-entirely-unscripted scenario: Madisson and Alex are former high school sweethearts. Thank you, producers!
Rounding out the cast are Brandon, Alex's super-hot friend; Kelsey,a "former international model" who is back home to care for her sick mother; and Kelsey's boyfriend, Garrett, a personal trainer from a "modest" background. His bio also hints at "cracks" in his relationship with Kelsey.
Back when the show was first announced in May, Sarasota County Film Commission director Jeanne Corcoran told the Tampa Bay Times that the show was "unscripted or partially scripted, with lots of attractive energetic young people enjoying the lifestyle and culture of Siesta Key," and she assured the paper it would not feature anything more risqué than a PG-13 movie. We'll see for ourselves when it premieres on MTV on July 31, at 10 p.m. ET.

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