The Most Iconic Drag From The Hills Has A Surprising Origin Story

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Open up the dirty window: the truth about that infamous Lauren Conrad burn is finally here.
Any fan of The Hills remembers the painful moment in which Teen Vogue’s West Coast director Lisa Love reminded intern Conrad that she would always be known as “the girl who didn’t go to Paris” so she could, instead, hang out on the beach with Jason Wahler. (Nevermind that girl lived in West Hollywood, a mere 40 minute drive to the beach in decent traffic!)
Conrad’s lesson — to put herself, and her career, above less-than-stellar boyfriends — was one we all felt. The "girl who didn’t go to Paris" moniker stuck. Now, thanks to Vogue’s new deep dive into The Hills, we know who really came up with the phrase: Anna Wintour.
"Anna asked me what happened with ‘the girl who didn’t go to Paris,’ and the next time I saw Lauren, I just said it,” Love told Vogue. "The writers ran with it."
For the record, Conrad did, eventually, go to Paris, where she found love in the City of Lights. Just kidding: the producers of The Hills totally staged that.
"They had picked out this boy — they had this idea that I needed to fall in love in Paris," Conrad told Us Weekly in 2016. "So they had picked out this boy who was very nice, but I just wasn't interested. In Paris, they wanted me to kiss that boy good night. And I got into a huge fight with my producer in the lobby! He was like, 'You didn't even give him a kiss good night.' And I was like, 'I don't like that boy — why would I kiss him good night?!'"
Paris over boys, forever. Thanks, Anna Wintour!
The Hills: New Beginnings heads to MTV (sans the girl who didn't go to Paris) in 2019.

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