How To Cop Lauren Conrad's Purple Locks

Photo: Courtesy of Lauren Conrad.
It's April Fool's Day, and Lauren Conrad appears to have dyed her hair a beautiful gray-ish lavender hue. Could this be another photoshop prank à la Nicole Richie? Or was she simply feeling inspired by all the gorgeous pastel locks appearing on every cool girl in town? Either way, girlfriend looks amazing in this photo, which she posted on her blog.
Conrad is no stranger to differently colored hair, having worn pink and even blue locks. However, this choice of purple does come as a surprise given the recent Us Weekly article that quoted her saying she's not into the lavender look. "I'm not a big fan of purple as a color! It looks great on them but not me," she said.
We're honestly hesitant to say if this is real, but we're not hesitant to say that we really hope it is. It just looks so good. And, for everyone feeling as inspired as we are, click through for some non-permanent ways to get the look.

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