The Gradient Manicure Is Everyone's Favorite Spring Accessory

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The next time you go to paint your nails, instead of choosing one solid color, why not bring 'em all to the party instead? The manicure trend you've probably already seen everywhere this spring is the polar opposite of monochrome: Each nail gets a different color, creating a tiny gradient on your fingertips.
Mix-and-match, ombré, simply gradient — whatever you want to call the trend, it's blowing up on Instagram right now. The best part is that anyone with opposable thumbs and five different bottles of polish can pull it off. Tenoverten nail pro Nadine Abramcyk tells us that the key to a cohesive multicolored manicure is to choose your polishes carefully. "I always recommend a range of shades in the same color family," she says. Paint each nail a different color, and you get a shade transition that feels purposefully mismatched.
From cool-toned neutrals to soft pink with glittery leopard spots on top, check out every way to wear spring's freshest, most unexpected, and surprisingly chic manicure trend, ahead.
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Editorial manicurist-turned-jewelry designer Betina Goldstein — the trendsetter who brought us cuticle striping — calls this gradient "the green thumb." An array of soft greens and sunny yellows — like J.Hannah's Eames sage shade, Nails Inc Gen Yellow, and Lauren B's mossy Mandeville Maven — feels super fresh for spring.
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Using Essie's new Serene Slate collection, Goldstein gives a lesson in how to artfully mix cool-toned neutrals.
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Your transitional shades can be as contrasting as you like. These colors are all over the spectrum, but the two-toned striping across each finger ties it all together.
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Create a dark-to-light spectrum by starting with glossy black on your pinky, blending into charcoal and slate gray in the middle, and ending in a soft dove shade at the thumb.
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Why pick one single shade of nude polish when five different tones, one on each finger, look this gorgeous?
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For two trends in one, add a spotted animal print — à la Kendall and Ariana — right on top of your pink-tone color gradient.
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St. Patty's Day may have passed, but this green glitter ombré manicure just so happens to still be very on-trend.
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Glitter color-blocking adds a fun textural element to a pastel-toned, multicolored mani.

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