Chrissy Teigen Just Revealed We’ve Been Saying Her Name Wrong For…Forever

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images.
Chrissy Teigen has given this world so much: hilarious social media musings and internet feuds, meaningful activism, two cookbooks, a fun TV series, an example of relationship and motherhood goals, and a brand-new line at Target. And how have we thanked her for her service to humankind? We've butchered her surname for years.
Teigen confirmed the shocking news on Sunday night on Twitter after a fan tweeted that we'd been pronouncing her last name incorrectly. "word! gave up a long time ago," she wrote. "last name is tie-gen, not tee-gen."
TIE. As in, "Tie your shoe," or "John Legend tied down his place in history by becoming the first Black man to EGOT."
In all fairness, it's not as though we're the only ones who have mispronounced her name; even Teigen is guilty of perpetuating the lie by correcting and not correcting people. Call her by her name — or don't! She won't hold it against you!
And if you were thinking that this whole ordeal was just an elaborate scheme to get a little media coverage on a Monday morning, you'd be wrong. Even Teigen's mother says the world has been misinformed. Her mother!
While we're discussing the Teigen family, we might as well point out that John Legend's legal name isn't actually "John Legend." It's John Roger Stephens. And, yes, that means, the couple's kids names are Luna and Miles Stephens.
But don't worry too much about having hurt Teigen's feelings by botching the pronunciation of her name. For now, anyway, it seems she's got a lot more on her mind, like how she fell down the stairs mere hours before Monday night's Emmy Awards and might have a big bruise down the front of her leg or if she needs to create more shelf space for all of the shiny statuettes she and her husband keep adding to their impressive collection of awards.

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