Chrissy Teigen Showed Baby Miles How To Protest At Just 2 Months Old

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Chrissy Teigen is definitely not known for holding things back, especially when it comes to President Donald Trump, who blocked her on Twitter last year.
On Saturday, she joined the thousands of Americans who marched for the rights of immigrants for the Families Belong Together rally.
Teigen, who is the daughter of an immigrant from Thailand, gave a speech and brought a very special guest with her on stage: her son, Miles, who is not even two months old yet! “Sorry, this is his first rally,” she told the crowd, referring to the fact that she was carrying her son. The crowd cheered for her, showing support for the mother.
She talked about her family and how her mother never lets her forget that she came to the United States from a very small village. “We love that the American story is filled with people who come from all over the world to have a better life here.”
And it of course wouldn’t be worth doing a speech if Trump’s number one Twitter enemy didn’t make a quip at him.
“America at its best is big, beautiful, and diverse, like our great city of Los Angeles. It’s not small, it’s not petty, it’s not exclusive like Mar-a-Lago,” she said, following up with an impression of president.

my Donald impression made it to CNN. please add to my wiki

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Her speech was more than just to mock Trump — it was to talk about how immigrants aren’t a threat to our society. “Can you imagine the city without the contributions of immigrants,” she asked. “How bland, how flavorless LA would be? How boring?”
The march and rally were scheduled to address the problem with the way America is handling it’s immigration, after it was revealed that children were being separated from their parents.
Teigen told her audience that immigrants add to what makes America special. “Making America great doesn’t mean building walls to keep people out, it means continuing to embrace the dreams of immigrants who add to our culture, our economy, and our humanity.”
Like many others, Teigen states that she couldn’t comprehend the kind of cruelty it takes to put those families through so much trauma and call out those who were the ones to enact the policy.
“I do know they did not expect us to come together in such an incredible, in incredible numbers to resist this.”
In Los Angeles, over 55,000 attended the march in support of the families affected by the policies with around 780 other events. The rallies were also received support from other celebrities including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Alicia Keys, America Ferrara, Kerry Washington, and Diane Guerrero.

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