Donald Trump Blocks Chrissy Teigen On Twitter; Makes Her Dreams Come True

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend love voicing their opinions on Twitter. Being on their bad side isn't a great place to be — and the President of the United States is no exception.
The Lip Sync Battle host always has a few choice words for the Donald Trump, and never, ever has a filter. She claps back at his actions in witty, yet scathing ways. And if someone didn't like it? She would rip them apart, too.
Her tweets didn't seem to bother Trump all that much until recently. He finally blocked Teigen, and it was actually for one of her tamer comebacks.
It's a classic take down, but we have to admit, it's not one of Teigen's finest. This is the woman who brought us these sick burns.

Happy birthday, you monumental asshole

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She also changed her Twitter bio to reference Trump calling his own son, Donald Trump Jr. a "high quality person." That's still her bio today.
So, what about "No one likes you" set Trump over the edge? Probably the insinuation that he isn't popular. This is, after all, the same man who insisted the size of the crowd at his inauguration was far bigger than it was in reality. In fact, Teigen herself couldn't believe that this is the tweet that caused Trump to block her.
Just because she's blocked doesn't mean Teigen won't continue her political commentary, though. Blocking someone on Twitter means that their tweets won't show up on your timeline, among other safety precautions. According to Twitter's guidelines, it may be possible for Trump to see tweets that mention Chrissy Teigen, but he'd have to search for his name. He does seem like the type to search for himself, though.
Either way, Teigen probably be up to her usual antics in no time. She won't be able to view Trump's tweets from her account, but finding something in the headlines shouldn't be hard.
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