Pretty Woman Predicted Spring's Top Trend

Those thigh-high boots! That daring red off-the-shoulder gown! Sticking it in the face of everyone who's looked down at you (talking to you commission based shop girl)! There's a solid line-up of iconic moments that came out of Julia Roberts' international breakout moment Pretty Woman — most of them fashion. But while the quick-to-mind outfits for any last-minute Halloween party usually includes those mentioned above, it's one of the movie's middle scenes that's stealing the spring 2018 show. Vivan's so-'90s-it-hurts milk chocolate belted dress covered in white polka dots was Pretty Woman's idea of fashion that fit in with high society — but a double-take at the dress today will have you wondering if the costume designer found their way to the '90s via a modern time machine.
This season, it seems like the polka-dot print is popping up in droves. And with both chocolate hues and polka dots seeing a spike in the trend department, it's only natural a marriage of the two would follow suit. Sarah Godshaw, the founder and designer behind Sidway swim, even openly touts the film as her inspiration with a bathing suit collection called "Stomp the Divots."
It helps that the '90s are "back" (throwing this in quotes because '90s trends have been so prevalent over the last few years it seems like they never went away), making room for variations of the print to exist in slingback kitten heels, oversized shouldered dresses, and even high-cut monikinis.
To transform into Viv herself, peek the Pretty Woman-inspired pieces ahead.

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