Is This Lip Gloss Or Our Favorite '90s Candy?

There's nothing more alive than '90s nostalgia right now. No other decade is more fetishized than the era of *NSYNC and plastic chokers, and it's not just TV show revivals — but it's also dominating the beauty industry. We've seen retro hair accessories, Christy Turlington bobs, and brown lipstick as if none of those trends fizzled out 20 years ago. And thanks to Benefit Cosmetics, the '90s hype is not stopping there. Enter: Benefit Cosmetics Punch Pops.
Here's the thing: Our childhoods were oversaturated with hundreds of different candies, all decorated in neon packaging and with commercials so enticing, we simply couldn't resist. (Show us someone who didn't slide at least four Pixy Stix boxes into their mom's cart when grocery shopping and we'll show you a liar.) Which is why this idea of Push Pop tubes making somewhat of comeback so exciting — only this time, the goodie comes in the form of lip glosses from Benefit.
Lip gloss was the cornerstone of most beauty looks from the popular decade — just ask Cher Horowitz — so we're not surprised that this is the brand's next move. But instead of creating a sticky formula that was all the rage back then, these high-shine lip colors are hydrating (thanks to the vitamin E) and promise not to destroy your hair every time a light breeze passes through.
Even better, each of the seven colors are bold and flattering on every skin tone. You can choose from Bubblegum (soft pink), Sugar Cookie (nude), Pink Berry (mauve), Watermelon (hot pink), Cherry (berry), Mango (coral), and Strawberry (red).
Our prediction: These Punch Pops will be nearly as addicting as the real thing.
Benefit Cosmetics Punch Pop! Liquid Lip Color, $18, available at Benefit Cosmetics.
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