Is Hollywood's "Sci-Fi Bob" Trend A Nod To The Future Of Feminism?

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Kim, Chrissy, Selena, Bella — it seems as if every Hollywood "It girl" has turned into a clone of the last over the past few months, debuting nearly identical blunt bobs in quick succession. It seems odd, since being unique is a major key to maintaining stardom (and no one wants a new cut to match the woman dating their ex), so how the hell did this happen? Turns out, it might go deeper than just what's en vogue.
The look is perfectly timed for our uncertain political climate: a cut that feels sharp and strong, with a futuristic finish that's as no-BS as it gets. Is it a nod to feminism? The anti-damsel in distress? For those of the belief that life imitates art, it's both.
In La La Land, character archetypes abound. The woman with long, soft waves gently tucked behind one ear? She deserves the leading man. Big, frizzy curls? Someone get that woman a makeover! (Just how problematic this all is is a whole other story.) So what does a sharp bob convey to Hollywood insiders? To start, they call it a "sci-fi bob."
This beauty trope says you're sharp and smooth, and it's often paired with short bangs to create a helmet-like shield of strength. It's used to depict a futuristic woman who is strong, powerful, and has reached gender equality — or is fervently fighting for it. Some believe that popular culture has programmed us to think of this style as progressive, rebellious, and ready for anything, even zero gravity. Think: The Fifth Element, Star Trek, and Aeon Flux. The stylists who are doling out these styles for the A-listers off-screen didn't disagree, either, when we asked them to weigh in on the trend.
Ahead, everything you need to know about Hollywood's subtle, but powerful, resistance cut.
This story was originally published on May 26 2017 and has been updated to reflect the growing trend.

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