The Amount Of $$ Women Are Willing To Drop On Beauty Will Shock You

Photographed by Rachel Cabitt.
Remember that girl who accidentally charged $733 worth of Sephora beauty products to her mother's credit card? Remember how people on Twitter called the splurge not that surprising? That's because if you love beauty — and we mean loooooove — then you understand racking up a pricey bill on one shopping trip isn't that hard. Now, thanks to new research, we finally know exactly how much we're spending on our loots — and let's just say $733 looks like chump change in comparison.
According to Allure, Groupon (you know, the site you can't stop searching for discounted haircuts at 1 a.m.) asked a group of its users how much money they're willing to spend on beauty products regularly. Then, the totals were tallied together for an average total amount that women will spend in their lifetimes — and the results are, uh, staggering.
The winning dollar count of how much women will spend on her looks: $225,360. Yes, that's a quarter of a million dollars — enough to buy you a three-bedroom house in the suburbs of Connecticut, a four-year college education, approximately 9,000 bottles of our favorite rosé....
And since we're so devoted to beauty, let us give you a little more perspective: That's 5,000 Too Faced Glitter Bomb Eyeshadow palettes, 7,000 Urban Decay All Nighter setting sprays, or 1,000 bottles of Tom Ford's Sole di Positano. What!
Unfortunately, we don't know which specific items most women are purchasing, of course, but we do know that we're impressed with their mutual commitment. Keep doing you, ladies — just be careful of tip-toeing the serial spender line.
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