This Bath Bomb Was Made For Bachelor Nation

Let's be real: Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor has had some major similarities to this past election cycle. Each episode felt more drawn-out than the last, there were plenty of awkward exchanges, and an out-to-win villain captured everyone's attention. (There was even a storyline revolving around a vagina — only in this case, it was platinum.)
But tonight, after a tumultuous couple of months, it's the reality show's season finale. Viall will be handing out his final rose to either Raven or Vanessa (or — plot twist — neither?!), meaning one of them will soon be charged with advising him against turtlenecks and testing out his upcoming beauty line. So, whether you hate-watch the show and can't wait to have your Mondays back, or are genuinely excited by the possibility of Nick finding his one true love, you have reason to celebrate tonight. But how? By plopping what Chris Harrison might call the Most Surprising Bath Bomb In The History Of Bath Time into your tub.
Pearl Bath Bombs — the brand behind that promposal orb — is launching just the product for Bachelor Nation fans: the Morning Rose Ring Bath Bomb. The fizzer's genetic makeup is enough to conjure a relaxing evening, thanks to its soothing Epsom salts, hydrating essential oils, and soft, floral scent. But this isn't your average bath bomb. Once it dissolves, a smattering of real, dried-up Moroccan rose petals are released, as is a silver-plated ring, which comes in a little plastic bubble that floats to the top of the water. Dreams really do come true.
You can scoop up your own on the company's website for $16.99, which, we'll admit, seems steep for a single-use bomb. But hey, it's a hell of a lot cheaper than the price of a Neil Lane engagement ring — or achieving fifteen minutes of fame on a dating show.
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