This Bath Bomb Is Your Promposal Dream Come True

When you're in high school, promposals are a big deal. And when it comes to the ask, figuring out who one-upped everyone else is all part of the fun. So if you, too, spent your senior year wishing someone would ask you to the dance via a pizza with pepperoni spelling out the question “Prom?" then you're going to love this latest idea: do it on a bath bomb. (For the record, pizza and bath bombs also go great together.) And with prom quickly approaching, one beauty brand has just what you need.
Let us make the case for the Prom Bomb from Pearl Bath Bombs — the same company who invented the engagement ring bath bomb and Pokébombs — because its latest creation has perfectly tapped into the stress of executing the perfect promposal. We think it might even have viral hit potential.
The Prom Bomb comes in a pack of three — because everyone needs date insurance — for less than $50. (Hey, no one ever said going to prom was go cheap...) The scent is a romantic blend of white jasmine and cherry blossoms, and it's almost as sweet as the pink and purple kaleidoscope of color that swirls around the tub. Perfect on its own for a Boomerang of a bath explosion, but here’s the kicker: Each orb comes with a ring packed inside. We might not know any 18-year-old interested in proposing for prom and marriage all at the same time, but nothing is ever too outrageous for the internet. If you dig the ring idea, there are three options for you to choose from: sterling silver, rose gold, or gold plated in various sizes. We've never wished for a prom do-over more than in this moment.
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