You’ll Never Guess What One Boyfriend Put Inside A Bath Bomb

It’s hard enough as it is to find a partner that’s kind, intelligent, thoughtful, attractive, and a high-functioning member of society. Tacking on a clause that states they must also be willing to enable your full-fledged bath bomb obsession seems entirely too much to ask. Recently, one man shattered the norm by doing just that — and then some. Twitter user @kassidyrun1 posted to Snapchat that her boyfriend had come home one day with a delightful blue orb in hand. (Which is an exciting surprise in and of itself, as any bath enthusiast would probably tell you.) However, she quickly discovered that this wasn’t just any regular bath bomb you'd find on the shelf at Lush — because as the fizzer dissolved, a little plastic bubble floated to the top of the water.
Yes, that’s a ring, and yes, it came from inside the bath bomb. (We know what you're thinking, but this wasn't a proposal; rather, it was a promise ring.) Now, before you start shaming your significant other for his or her less-than-romantic gifts, @kassidyrun1's boyfriend didn’t quite pull it off all on his own. He had some help from Pearl Bath Bombs, a company whose products all come complete with a surprise piece of jewelry. And here we thought bath time couldn't possibly get better...

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