Corinne Shares What It Takes To Get A 'Platinum Vagine'

Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC.
If you have even the faintest familiarity with The Bachelor, then you know who Corinne Olympios is — and you definitely have an opinion on her. Prior to getting the boot after hometown dates, she was the season's resident villain — a straight-shooting, whipped cream-spraying, nap-taking, Champagne-guzzling one, at that. (Wait, she sounds exactly like us...)
One of the earliest announcements she made to the world (which we're going to guess did not earn her the public's first impression rose) was about her "platinum vagine." (People will come up with a whole lot of ways to avoid just saying 'vagina' on national TV, huh?)
We weren't quite sure what she meant by that — did she pay good money for it? does it sparkle? — until she clarified it on Entertainment Tonight: "I'm lasered. It's like, small and cute. There's no weird things going on down there. I've seen some scary vaginas in my day...If you have a sterling silver vagine, that's the worst." (She also revealed that she lasers everything else, too.) Hm, glad we cleared that up, but also...we hope Raquel puts Corinne in a time-out for body-shaming.
One thing about Olympios we know for sure: She certainly knows how to maintain her appearance — and it was during her final date with Nick that we got to see exactly how. The pro-grade makeup mirror in her bedroom back home? "The best $600 I ever spent," she told ET. Hey, you don't get to be on a first-name basis with the folks at your local Sephora, as Olympios claims to be, without dropping a whole lot of cash.
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