We Have A Bachelor Villain, & Her Name Is Corinne Olympios

Photo: Courtesy Of ABC.
Meet Corinne. She's from Miami, she's blonde, she's but 24, and she will be your villain for this season of The Bachelor. Every season of the franchise has got one of Corinne's kind. (For JoJo Fletcher's unfortunate season, there was Chad, and I shan't waste any more words on him.) These people — the villains — have the usual traits of your run-of-the-mill reality television nemeses. They're not here to make friends. They only want to win. They like to talk about money — one notable villain actually went by "Michelle Money." Our latest iteration has all of these features and more! Her full name is Corinne Olmypios, which, lucky for us, means the internet can provide some info. Here's what we can figure out about our ambitious contestant from Miami, based on what she told us herself and what we can surmise.

She runs a "multimillion dollar" company.

Corinne mentions this a couple of times in the January 2 premiere. She never specifies what this company does. However, the sneaky, sneaky internet did some digging, and Romper discovered a company called Armor Garage run by a James Olympios. James allegedly has a relative named Corinne. We can't say for sure this the storied "multimillion dollar company," but we can say that it ain't multimillion dollar. The size is listed on Intelius as "less than $1 million." She leads a glamorous life.
"Corinne's world is glamorous," Olympios says by way of introduction on the premiere. We see her walking on the beach, hanging out in a pool — there's a lot of bikini time. She doesn't have lip injections.
So stop asking. Olympios tweeted a photo of herself with the caption, "Not injections. Ppl, get over it." She has a nanny.
This features heavily in the premiere, but it bears repeating: The 24-year-old has a nanny named Raquel. Raquel brings her cucumbers.

She may or may not be an aspiring model and actress.

According to her LinkedIn page, Olympios is a "model/actress" at DDO Artists Agency. According to Romper, she also has a page on Model Mayhem and Explore Talent. Olympios says in her Explore Talent profile: "I travel back and fourth [sic] from Miami to LA and to NYC. I am really fun and easy going to work with."

Her nether regions are allegedly carved of platinum.

In a preview for the rest of the season, Olympios is shown saying, "My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum." I'm not one to dispute the value of another woman's betwixt-the-legs, but that doesn't sound like a line that would emerge from casual conversation. Either this woman is a stellar writer of literotica or one of The Bachelor's producers fed Olypmios the line.

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