We Love This Insider Scoop On What Chad From The Bachelorette Is Really Like

Chad Johnson has quickly emerged as this season's Bachelorette villain. In last week's episode, during a game that required the guys to give JoJo a mock proposal, he called her "naggy" for expecting more than "Will you marry me?" He also claimed none of the other guys was there for the right reasons because he was the only one who was honest. Is this guy really such a D-bag in real life?

Jessie Rosen, host of Sunday Night Sex Talks — a storytelling show the cast will participate in during tonight's episode — got to see for herself. She offered BuzzFeed some insights into why on Earth JoJo's keeping Chad around. "I get it," Rosen said. "If you stare long enough, he becomes a little foreboding, but he’s real handsome." She also revealed that his unwillingness to participate in group activities extended beyond last week's episode. "This was a very interactive experience, and this guy was almost silent," she said. "And this was not a silent environment. I was, to be honest with you, almost a little creeped out... [Chad] was clearly apart from the group." So, it's confirmed: That creepy vibe we're getting from Chad through the screen also comes across IRL. Let's just hope that JoJo sees it, too.

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