21 Of Corinne’s Wildest Quotes From The Bachelor

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Corinne Olympios is not here to make friends.
The resident villain-slash-unofficial-millennial spokesperson spews out whatever she wants, whenever she wants, every Monday on The Bachelor. And so far, she's become the highlight of the season. From her evil glares to her boozy confessionals, Corinne keeps it real as fuck.
Each week, she's given the audience, and her bachelor Nick Viall, the most unfiltered dialogue, and by far most quotable sound bites. Her hilarious one-liners almost excuse her consistently rude and immature behavior (sorry, Corn — you are a bit immature), but you gotta respect the girl for knowing what makes good television. Or, at least she knows to listen to the talented and scheming producers who feed her the lines.
Scripted or not, we rounded up Corinne's wildest quotes here, illustrated with her most iconic facial expressions. There's 21 of them, and you're going to want to read them all.

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