Bachelor Villain Corinne Goes Topless In Photo Shoot With Nick, Is Sure Dad Would Be Proud

The Bachelor contestant Corinne has already been dubbed the season's resident villain after just one episode. During Monday's season 21 premiere, she made quick enemies of the other contestants on night one by butting in one woman's time with Viall, and kissing him. In episode two, she's taking it up a notch. A teaser for Monday night's episode shows the business-owner, 24, taking off her bikini top in front of the bachelor. She makes the bold move while Viall, 36, is holding her for a photo shoot in the pool. The other ladies look on, mouths agape. “Wait, what is she doing?” one asks. Viall just kind of stands there. More surprising is what Corinne has to say after the fact. “Dad would be proud, even though I was naked," she says in a confessional. You'll notice that the Miami native is clutching a rose during said interview, suggesting that her stunt had the intended effect. We're just trying to picture Corinne's dad watching the pool scene unfold, cheering "That's my girl!" at the screen. A father-daughter bond truly is something to be cherished.

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