The Most Satisfying Sex Positions for Lesbians

It should go without saying that sex between two women is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation out there. "A lot of folks coming from mainstream culture think of 'sex' as penetrative intercourse — a penis going into a hole. So when two people with vulvas are having sex, I think a lot of folks don't understand how that works since there's no penis. They may think that women can't have sex or that the sex isn't satisfying," says Liz Powell, PsyD, an LGBTQ-friendly sex educator, coach, and licensed psychologist.
To clarify some misconceptions — and, of course, to give women who have sex with other women some hot ideas — I rounded up a list of fun sex position suggestions. FYI: These aren't just for lesbians! They can be enjoyed by queer women, bisexual women, pansexual women, or even straight-identifying women looking to explore, as well as non-binary and trans people with vulvas. I identify as queer and bisexual, I've had sex with both men and women, and I'm also attracted to non-binary people. Since sex between two women is often so fetishized through the male gaze, I made sure to only include positions I've tried and enjoyed or spoken with others who have tried and enjoyed. And I kept the sex position names to the point because I'm trying to help you, not confuse you. (You're welcome!) Yet this is indeed a roundup of steamy sex positions, so a few might be a little out there — but trust me, they're worth the sore back the next day.
Another important note: While the article often refers to "women," it's crucial to remember that some women have penises and some vulva-havers (the term the brilliant Dr. Liz often uses in her quotes) are men or non-binary folks. Read on and enjoy.
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69! All the time!

A tried-and-true classic among couples of all genders, 69-ing makes it easy to please both partners. You both get to experience giving and receiving oral — at the same time! Try switching up who's on top and bottom, or lying sideways to 69 with some variation. Make sure to balance the give and take, since it can be easy to get lost in your own pleasure and slack off on giving to your partner.
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Twisted Scissor

Scissoring can sometimes get a bad rap among queer women, because mainstream porn makes it seem like it's all we do. And thus, we sometimes try to avoid it. But rubbing your clit against someone else's (or against their thigh) can feel pretty damn good. So go ahead and give this position a try. This version puts a twist on the traditional scissor by having one partner lay on their belly and one lay on their back, straddling the first partner's thigh.
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All Tied Up

If you and your partner are looking to experiment with something new, try mixing up basic oral (or really any position) by adding the element of bondage. Use rope, bondage tape, or even a scarf or tie to restrain a partner's hands before going down on them. This added submission can take your oral to the next level. Figure out which of you is into dominance, or switch off tying each other up to pleasure both partners.

As with any foray into BDSM, make sure you and your partner discuss this beforehand and figure out each other's comfort levels, and keep communication open throughout the act as well.
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Reverse Face-Sitting

Turning around while face-sitting can offer new angles to change up sensations on the clit and G-spot, not to mention a great view of the top partner's butt. The top partner can also lean over to play with the giving partner's clit or finger them, and this position also works as a great segue into 69-ing.
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Elevated Missionary With A Strap-On

Similar to the regular missionary position, except in this case the receiving partner places their legs upward, with ankles on the top of their partner's shoulders. This variation helps to open up and allow for deeper penetration that can also better stimulate the G-spot, leading to some body-shaking orgasms, and it's also great if you want to make eye contact. Try experimenting with different angles until you hit the sweet spot, and incorporate nipple or clit play for added pleasure.
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This position hits the sweet spot between doggy style and spooning. One partner kneels, leaning back against the other, who is fingering them and/or stimulating their clit from behind. Not seeing your partner's face will heighten other senses — listen to the sounds you both make and concentrate on the way it feels to touch or be touched. Kneeling can also be as intimate as a face-to-face position: the partner in front can press back against the other so there's no space in between any part of your bodies.
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Relax And Enjoy It

Never underestimate the value of the basics. Lying back and getting your pussy eaten may not be highly imaginative or daring, but there's a reason it's a go-to classic — it doesn't fail to please. Besides, it's pretty much instinctual, which means you and your partner won't have any trouble getting into it.
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Pillow-Enhanced Oral

Use a pillow (or a sex wedge, if you're fancy) to change up the classic oral sex position. Changing up the angle at which your partner's tongue meets your pussy might make oral sex seem even more exciting — and it will relieve the stress on your partner's neck.
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Lesbians Can Give Blowjobs, Too

A strap-on can be used for more than just penetrative sex. Even on inanimate objects, oral can be one of the most rewarding and intimate parts of getting it on. The shaft of a strap-on isn't felt the way a body part is, which lets you focus on the (equally satisfying) details — the pressure of the toy against your partner's genitals and the visual experience of getting a BJ. Basically, watching someone go down on you is hot, no matter what they're putting in their mouth. Plus, depending on how much access your partner's harness gives you, you can manually stimulate their clit, use a toy or vibrator, or penetrate them while you blow them.
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Standing Shower Sex

A crowd-pleasing position for any twosome, shower sex can reach new heights if both you and your partner have vaginas. Stimulating and penetrating your partner with your hands in such a small space can make things even more exciting (especially if you're really flexible). Just remember that having sex in and around water can wash away natural lubrication, so keeping silicone lube nearby will help keep your fun from ending too soon.
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Doggy Style

This classic works for pretty much everyone, with or without a penis or strap-on dildo. One partner kneels to penetrate/stimulate the other, who is on their hands and knees, from behind.

"If you're doing penetrative hand play, doggy style can be much easier on the wrist/forearm, especially if you're doing G-spot stimulation," says. Dr. Powell. "Plus, in this position, the partner 'on top' has access to touch almost all of the partner 'on the bottom,' and can grab, stroke, bite, or pull hair while giving stimulation."
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Facing A Wall

In this position, both partners are ideally kneeling on a bed or couch. One partner is pressed against the wall (or the back of the couch), and the other is behind them fingering and/or stimulating their clit.

"If you're looking for something extra steamy, with perhaps a flavor of kink, this can be a great position," Dr. Powell says. "The person leaning into the wall has the ability to be fully engrossed in their own pleasure, and the partner fingering them has a more ergonomic position for G-spot stimulation and easy access to all the sensitive parts of the vulva, perineum, and anus."
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To get into face-to-face pose, sit just in front of your partner as you both stretch out your legs. Let your limbs mingle until you find a position that's comfy. And that's it! The sky's the limit in this position, so make it your own. Maintain eye contact to make it more intimate, use your hands to stimulate each other's clits, or give some much-needed attention to non-genital erogenous zones (like nipples). You could even bring out the big guns (dildos) and penetrate each other. Might we suggest this double-headed dildo?
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Seated Oral

Switch up your oral sex game by getting out of bed. In this seated variation of oral sex, the receiver sits back in a chair like the queen or king that they are. The partner providing the tongue stimulation kneels on the floor and goes to town (they can add a pillow under their knees for extra comfort). Sitting upright creates an excellent angle for the receiving partner to reach down and stroke their lover's hair.
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In spooning position, one partner lies behind the other, as their bodies connect like two spoons lined up cozily in a drawer. Since spooning is a common position for both sex and cuddling, no matter your orientation, it's a pose that allows for a lot of customization. When spooning with two partners with vaginas, try using a strap-on for penetrative sex from behind. Or leave the sex toys in the drawer, and simply enjoy pleasuring one another with your hands.

But don't just focus on each other's genitals: Utilize this comforting position to caress the breasts, butt, and legs, or even have the big spoon give the little spoon a scalp massage.
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Missionary With Strap-On

Who said the missionary position is only for straight couples? With the miracle of the strap-on, two people with vaginas can also enjoy the eye and body contact intimacy missionary provides.

Have the receiving partner lie on their back, using pillows for comfort if making love somewhere other than a bed or sofa. The partner on top glides the strap-on into their partner's vagina, communicating to know how fast or slow to go.

A bonus of missionary sex with a strap-on: The two partners can take turns on one another — just make sure to use condoms as you would on a penis if outside of a fluid-bonded relationship.
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Face Sitting

In this position, an adventurous take on oral, one partner with a vagina plops down right on top of the face of the other. Getting into this position may feel awkward, so you can always start with the standard lying down oral sex position, and then switch things up once you and your partner are both aroused.

Here's how to do it: After the giving partner lies down on their back, the receiving partner gently lifts a leg over their shoulders and then slowly squats down until their vulva makes contact with their partner's mouth. It may require a bit of maneuvering to get it right, but it's totally worth it.
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Oral Against A Wall

In this position, one woman leans against a wall and enjoys getting her pussy eaten by another woman. It's straightforward (well, queer-forward) but versatile. It's also super hot for public sex, like a hook-up in a bar bathroom (for non-germaphobes) but can be done in the privacy of your own home as well. The best part is the power dynamics at play. By having one partner on her knees, the receiving partner can grab the giving partner's face, grab her hair, and pull her mouth onto her own clit. "Some common misconceptions I hear are that all sex between two women is probably sweet and soft and loving (not true! We can go hard too)," Dr. Liz says.

If you can, offer your partner a pillow to kneel on to prevent rug burn or achy knees. It's not a totally selfless move: After all, if the person going down on you feels more comfortable, they'll be able to eat you out for longer.
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Seated Chair With Strap-On

Having sex on chairs is fun because it means you're doing it somewhere that's not a bed, like perhaps a dining room chair that an unassuming guest might sit on at your next dinner party. Any time a couple has sex somewhere that's not the bedroom deserves extra points, in my opinion. In this position, one partner wears a strap-on and the other sits on top of it and slides up and down.

"Strap-ons can be a fun way to add even more variety to sex between vulva havers. Some people love the ability to feel themselves penetrating their partner," Dr. Liz says. "For folks who do energy play, many will report that they can actually feel the sensations associated with the toy, almost as if they had a real penis for the duration of that play." Keep lube nearby (like on the dining table next to the salt and pepper shaker) for more comfortable gliding, and enjoy.
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Girl On Girl

I don't need to explain this position to you because we've all done it, regardless of orientation, but here I go. One partner lies down and penetrates the other, using a strap-on or fingers, or you simply enjoy rubbing clits against each other while you stare lovingly into your beautiful partner's eyes. If you're using a dildo, enjoy an added finger in the butt. Don't hold back with breast and nipple play (I'm talking to both of you!).
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Reclined Finger-Banging

Women who have sex with other women understand how unimportant penises are. In fact, you don't even need a strap-on to have mind-blowing sex. In this position, one partner lies back while the other uses their fingers or hands to penetrate the other. "Some vulva havers also enjoy fisting, where you work your entire hand into the vagina. This can be a very intense sensation that many vulva havers find extremely pleasurable," Dr. Liz says. (Important: If you're going to try fisting, use lube, please).

Additionally, the use of hands rather than a penis or toy is a wonderful way to get to know your partner's vagina. "You have so many nerve endings in your fingertips that you can notice much more easily all the spots that drive your partner wild," Dr. Liz says.

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