ASOS Is Really Trying To Make The Corset Belt Happen

"I really want to be into the whole corset thing, but I don't know how I feel about it," my best friend sent via Gchat yesterday. I replied: "Same... They're a little Kardashian, but I also might be wearing one by this time next week at the rate retailers are pushing them out."

The corset belt, the '80s Madonna-style piece no one really asked for, has already been spotted on Kylie, Gigi, Kendall, and Kim in recent months, so I knew it was only a matter of time before fast-fashion stores began selling their own versions. But, ASOS in particular is really trying to make the trend happen: Simply search "corset" on its site and you'll find over 90 results. Narrow the search down to the "accessories" category (taking out the ones that are strictly lingerie), and you still have 10 choices for all of your waist-cinching needs. We've seen similar accentuating tops at Forever 21, Pixie Market, and Topshop too, but not to this extent.

While I'm still not totally sold on the look, I still have a hunch it'll be one of those things I come around to and apologize to a few months later. And if and when I do, I know I can head to ASOS to satisfy the craving. Click on to decide if you'll be trying this trend for yourself — as for me, I'm still contemplating whether my oversized T-shirt needs this Kardashian twist.

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