We’re Sorry, Fishnets: Apologizing To 8 Trends We Used To Hate On

We like to think we have pretty good judgement when it comes to calling out what's cool. Every season, we watch trends come down the runway and pick the ones we think will stick — and while our predictions tend to be pretty spot-on, there are other times fashion takes what we consider "cool" or "trendy," and completely flips it on its head.
What we've come to realize now, though, is that there are a few pieces out there that we were a little too quick to judge. Fishnets, for example, have gone from a costume accessory to a full-on staple — but if you asked us a year ago if that would be the case, we would have responded with, "no way." That's why, we're taking a moment to sincerely apologize, Justin Bieber-style, to the items we used to hate, that we've now come to love and accept. Here's hoping it's not too late.