Here’s The Latest Weird Trend The Kardashians Are Wearing

With the help of millions of dollars, makeup artists, and stylists, the Kardashian-Jenner family can seemingly rock anything. (And rarely is there ever a wardrobe malfunction, which is wild seeing as most of their red carpet looks feel slip-prone.) But sometimes — seriously, like, once or twice — the slay just doesn't land, and we're left wondering what the heck they were thinking. Today's culprit, Kylie Jenner, wore a corset over a T-shirt, and we're feeling pensive about the layering technique.

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As you can see, Kylie is wearing a corset over an extra-large T-shirt and matching thigh-high boots. Similar to the lampshade trend sister Kourtney Kardashian helped pioneer last year, the underwear-as-outerwear phenomenon is still kicking, and takes new shape (literally) when pared down in this way. The earliest proponent of this trend was sister Kim, who has been wearing corsets outside of her clothes for nearly a decade, so it's no surprise 18-year-old Kylie has finally caught on. We can't help but wonder what that thought process, or, rather, what that conversation with family stylist Monica Rose sounds like — "I literally just want to wear a T-shirt today. But, like, sexy. You know?" Accentuating their hourglass figures seems to be priority No. 1. Whatever the reasoning, it's not their wackiest of style efforts. (Remember this?)
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And hey, we're not hating on them. As you know, we're pro-Kardashian and Jenner; together they've got a formidable knack for trendsetting. They literally aren't afraid to try anything, which is why they lead so many conversations about style on our site. Without calling it a game of monkey-see, monkey-do, that's more or less exactly what it is: Once Kendall Jenner stepped out in a choker, the world started wearing them again. But what trend comes next, and which are off the table, is a fascinating dance. For now, we'll try our hand at corset-shopping and leave you with these tips for wearing this look: Keep it low-key, if you can. Khloé Kardashian-type waist trainers should probably remain an undergarment, but a fashion- not function-driven piece, like Kylie's, is actually made for showing off. And as for the tee, Hanes will do.

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