9 Clever Halloween Costumes For Punny Procrastinators

Your choice of Halloween costume says a lot about your personality. Pop-culture junkies use the occasion to show off their extensive meme knowledge. Social butterflies relish the opportunity to squad up. Procrastinators — or people who hate Halloween but are socially obligated to attend a costume party — like their get-ups served to them in a plastic bag, whether from a Halloween store proper or the corner store. Then, there's the type of person who spends more time crafting the perfect Instagram caption than actually getting the shot; the one who giggles uncontrollably at Dad jokes; the sharp-witted individual that never minces words. Come Hallow's Eve, this person guns for the puns.
There are many reasons to dabble in wordplay costumes: They're not timely (hello costume-recycling), they aren't hard to "get," and they err on the goofy side of things, which keeps Halloween fun. And, while these idioms are figurative in nature, it's translating them into visuals that makes them hilarious. All it takes is some clever crafting (say, to show that you're feeling under the weather), or even just a more discerning look at what's already in your closet, basement, or kitchen.
Click through for nine killer ideas. Come October 31, it's time to dress for success.

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